VOTE 2020

Agency: A-Frame Content // Client: The Next 50
Partnering with: A-Frame Content;; The Next 50; artists Sage Vaughn and Justin Hager; and multiple election campaigns I created a toolkit of assets for various communication touchpoints focused on the youth vote running up to the 2020 election.    

There were intentionally varying and unique aesthetics implimented in this campaign. They don’t represent a specific brand or audience. The only goals were general engagement, and direct action through voting. Intentionally stearing-clear of voting/Americana tropes to stand out. In a sea of same having an original look was important to penetrate an already exhausted audience.

Artwork by Sage Vaughn
Taking assets provided from artist Sage Vaughn I created a type treatment for the “VOTE ASAP” call to action. It was utilized across social, out of home, and apparel; diversifying our executions during quarentine. 

We did the same thing for artist Justin Hager’s work. His distincitve typographic style offered a completely unique activation compared to Sage’s work. Just as not all voters are the same, the aesthetic has individual qualities.  

Finally, I created a suite of unique assets that implemented issue-driven messaging. There was an “enthusiasm gap” for Joe Biden among youth voters. Strategically, we felt messaging around key issues with that demographic were as important as general vote ASAP messaging; reinforcing something to be enthusiatic about.