Advertising // Style Frames // Content Design
Under Armour turned to Warm & Fuzzy for the release of their latest iteration of their SlipSpeed shoe line. Tasked with creating a visual language that matched the cutting-edge product, I partnered with W&F Co-Founder Andrew Jerez to develop a dynamic design system Warm & Fuzzy could utilize for a new SlipSpeed campaign.

Agency: Warm & Fuzzy // Client: Under Armour
The Warm & Fuzzy team implemented and built-upon the static design system, created 3D models and generated a slick motion theory to bring the shoes to life in animation.  

The Design System was utilized for a variety of feature-specific content that highlights all of the tech that has gone into the new Under Armour SlipSpeed™ catalog.  

Agency: Warm & Fuzzy // Client: Under Armour
Below is a collection of some of the original style frames designed for the campaign.