Logo Design // Design Systems // Custom Typography
Partnering with Compadre and Paramount+ as Creative Director and Designer, I worked with a small team to explore, design, and develop a logo and treatment for the newest installment of the Star Trek franchise “Strange New Worlds.”

Having watched The Original Series and The Next Generation with my late Grandfather, this was an incredible project to participate in.

Agency: Compadre // Client: Paramount+
Launch: 2022
The series is a prequel, taking place a few years prior to The Original Series; featuring characters from that era. Knowing that, I wanted to explore historical design elements as potential ways in to celebrate the legacy of the franchise.    

We did a deep dive on The Original Series, the movies from the 70s and 80s, and the current Star Trek series to see if there were elements that we could draw inspiration from and build upon to celebrate the lore. We landed on the recreation of the original typeface created in the 1960s. We wanted to pay homage, but need to give it a more contemporary feel.

We made it bolder, more condensed, and monospaced (nearly.) This gave it that more modern feel we were going for, but also reduced the overall width of the mark. With such a long name, the logo being able to work well in various mediums and applications was a concern. The uniform spacing of the new character designs allowed for a tight stacking mechanism.

Agency: STATE & Paramount+ // Client: Paramount+
Launch: 2022
Once we landed on a final logo, it was then utilized by STATE and the Paramount+ design team to develop the incredible teaser animation below featuring classic momements from The Original Series. 

Recognition: Gold Clio (Television/Series: Social Media), Bronze Clio (Television/Series: Brand & Program Identity)

Agency: Lindman and Associates // Client: Paramount+
Launch: 2022
Paramount+ worked with creative agency Lindman and Associates to develop this series of keyart posters showcasing the crew and Strange New Worlds they will explore.