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About —
J. Collins is a Brand Designer, Art Director, and Media Artist currently based in Long Beach, California. Since 2005, he has held various positions at design studios, advertising agencies, and entertainment production studios across Los Angeles.



Download “Democracy Rings”
            These protest posters can  be printed at home. Each file is four 8.5”x 11” sheets. Simply print, cut the interior edges, line them up, and adhere to a sturdy surface. If adhering to a surface like particle board, you might want to consider wheat paste as an adhering agent. More designs in the works.
Download Yellow & Black “Peaceful Protest”

Download Black & White “Peaceful Protest”

Download Black & White “No Justice. No Peace.”

Download Yellow & Red “No Justice. No Peace.”

            Pro tip: Once you cut the interior edges and are lining-up the four sheets, use small pieces of tape to keep the individual sheets togehter. That way it’s easier to adhere the full poster.

Download Black & White “Racist Pigs”

Download Full Color “Racist Pigs”

           These are for you*. Print them. Use them. Share them. If you’re sharing them on social media please post the download link so people can acutally use them. Tag me if you want, but this isn’t about amplifying my voice.

*Free for non-commercial use only with attribution under Creative Commons License