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About —
J. Collins is a Brand Designer, Art Director, and Media Artist currently based in Long Beach, California. Since 2005, he has held various positions at design studios, advertising agencies, and entertainment production studios across Los Angeles.




Studio: Royale // Client: Nickelodeon
Creative Direction // Style Frames // Illustration 

           In the 90s Nickelodeon had a stint of promos featuring animated characters singing doowop songs. They were extremely popular, and became a hallmark of their brand during that time. One of the more recognizable, and the client's direct reference point was “Here With My Friends".

            Aesthetically, I wanted to give the characters in our new spot "kid-made" feel. The idea being, that not only are our Nick viewers interacting with a the characters, but it’s a character that they could have made. They’re playing with their imagination. They wake up, and brush their teeth together. They goof around together. They play, and go to school together. And, of course, they watch Nick together.