A sample of the various logos created throughout my career; while many of these projects lasted months with numerous options and rounds, others were designed and approved in a few short weeks.

Studio: Compadre(Logo) STATE (Animation) // Client: Paramount+

Studio: Compadre // Client: NBC

Studio: Prologue(Logo) Peception(Animation) // Client: Disney

Studio: Royale // Client: Apple

Studio: Gnet // Client: Netflix

Studio: Mocean // Client: Netflix 

Studio: Imaginary Forces // Client: Sony Pictures

Studio: Imaginary Forces // Client: Don Carmody Productions

Studio: Imaginary Forces // Client: Gunpowder & Sky Productions

Agency: The Many // Client: Campari America
In addition to entertainment properties, I’ve done a lot of work with consumer brands.

J. Collins // Client: Boomtown Brewery

J. Collins // Client: Snibbs 

Studio: Warm & Fuzzy // Client: Pison 

Studio: Loyalkaspar // Client: Dick Wolf

J. Collins // Client: Tangible Next Step

Studio: Roger // Client: Lifetime Network

Studio: Fish Eyes // Client: SSBB Asset Managment

I have many, many additional samples. Reach out if you’d like to see anything specific.