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About —
J. Collins is a Brand Designer, Art Director, and Media Artist currently based in Long Beach, California. Since 2005, he has held various positions at design studios, advertising agencies, and entertainment production studios across Los Angeles.




Studio: The Many // Client: Campari USA
Art Direction // Design // Packaging Design // Copywriting 

            For the first time in the US, Jägermeister purchased outdoor media, and in true Jäger form they went big. Every metro in the United States had mass media buys. Boards of every size, station dominations, phone booths, taxi toppers... if they could brand it, they did. My role included design, copy writing, print layout and production (both mechanical build-out and management of the production team). These are a some samples from the campaign in New York.

            Working as Art Director and Design lead, we launched Jäger Spice, Jägermeister’s first-ever product extension in the US. Collaborating on package design, naming and art direction to define key art for the global product launch. This new beverage required a look, that felt inherently “Jäger," but differentiated itself enough to acknowledge it's newness.