J. Collins for Boomtown Brewery
With co-founder John Rankin I developed this identity for Boomtown Brewery, which visually reflects the unique aspects of the brewery: their focus on crafting old world, unfiltered, full-flavored beers, love for the city of Los Angeles, with its perpetual draw for thousands to relocate and pursue their aspirations of making their mark on the world while embracing the community that has made the LA arts industry a global influence.

“Artist Series” Packaging Design 
Boomtown has made it a point to stay true to its neighborhood and works with local artists, offering publicity through canvas space on their cans. Fortunately, I was invited to do a design for their next release and jumped at the opportunity to work with them a second time. Boomtown’s branding is their irreverent love affair with Los Angeles. With beers like Limelight, Ingenue, Personal Assistant, and Nose Job, it is easy to laugh at the place we call home. In wanting to keep things LA, I chose to pay homage to an icon of the city, Charles Bukowski. The design features tons of easter eggs from his writings and life. With an explorative take, consumers will continually have new details to discover.