Agency CALLEN // Client: Bijan Mustardson
To celebrate the start of star Running Back Bijan Robinson’s national tour for his gourmet condiment Bijan Mustardson, I worked with the creative team at CALLEN to design this 90s nostalgia shirt inspired by the work of sports graphics legends the Costacos Brothers.  

It really worked out that all the dates and cities line up perfectly with Bijan’s Atlanta Falcons NFL game schedule. Lucky I guess.

The images used for the design were manipulated shots taken while Bijan was playing with the Longhorns. All of the previous team and sponsor branding was cloned-out; the uniforms were amended to Bijan Mustardson brand elements, and to reflect Bijan’s current number; and all footballs were replaced with product or foods made better with delicious dijon.  


Bijan’s Dijon Tour Tees are available now! Get yours today; it’ll break your mouth’s ankles.